Find your IT professionals faster than ever

Let’s Nearshore is different.

This is not a regular freelancer site. This is not a recruiter company.

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Why is this the best solution?

There are no recruiters involved, there is no lengthy application process, you do not have to worry about a recruiter filter out professionals, who might have been just the right fit for you. And you will not ever know they even existed. YOU choose, according to your preferences. Other online platforms, are not much help because you, again, need a recruiter to browse and filter through the 200 or more applicants to your projects, so here you are, going full circle again.

We really cut to the chase with our service, because with us you can choose who you want to work with, based on your own needs. You do not need to tell us about the project or the conditions - you can discuss that directly with the professionals. That means you can message them instantly and contact via Skype within 48 hours
That can happen because no one knows your needs better than you.

Those who are already working with us
  • „After a relatively short and clear onboarding process at Let’s Nearshore, I’ve just been hired as a Power BI Specialist to a pharma company. This way I got a fair price for my special skills from a great international client and I can do the work from my home in Hungary. That’s all I wanted.”

    BI Expert
  • „The whole onboarding process was really smooth, and in my case, getting my first assignment was a breeze. I got hired by a company for Web Development project, requiring JavaScript and PHP skills - a perfect fit for me!”

    Web Developer