Are you looking for highly qualified IT professionals, for very competitive pay?

Our method gets you straight to the talent! Cut out the sluggish recruiting process and choose your next freelancer personally, from a wide selection of approved, highly qualified European IT freelancers, directly, and tailored to the specific needs of your project!
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5% discount for
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Remote work and freelancing are rapidly changing the business landscape - we believe we offer the best solution under the current circumstances. Why? Because we have found the perfect middle ground!

Instead of the old alternatives, consider nearshoring:
  • it’s fast
  • the professionals are pre-screened and approved by the Let’s Nearshore team
  • highly educated workforce
  • all of the professionals are from Central Europe, which means:
    • a similar work ethic
    • no major cultural differences
    • a problem-solving attitude
    • no timezone difference
    • travel is easy, if necessary
    • English is the working language
    • much lower risk of hidden costs and unforeseen circumstances

Those who are already working with us
  • „After a relatively short and clear onboarding process at Let’s Nearshore, I’ve just been hired as a Power BI Specialist to a pharma company. This way I got a fair price for my special skills from a great international client and I can do the work from my home in Hungary. That’s all I wanted.”

    BI Expert

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  • „The whole onboarding process was really smooth, and in my case, getting my first assignment was a breeze. I got hired by a company for Web Development project, requiring JavaScript and PHP skills - a perfect fit for me!”

    Web Developer

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Without Let'sNearshore
When you need to hire an IT professional for an important project, you are facing a recruiting process that can take weeks, if not months and you will never feel you are truly in control. Freelance networks aren’t helping a lot, because you probably need a recruiter anyway to filter through the vast number of applicants, most of whom don’t even meet your requirements.
With Let'sNearshore
Register and choose from a pool of selected professionals, with complex filtering, based on your project requirements. You can message the professionals, and set up a controlled online interview with the help of a Let’s Nearshore Key Account Manager basically immediately, which means your new freelance partner can start working on your project in a matter of days.

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