How Let'sNearshore
brings you together
with the perfect candidate

1. Registration
Sign up in a few simple steps and you can start your journey with us immediately. You will find the rest of the website just as easy.
2. Search and filter
First you need to define your project, expectations and requirements in general.
Then you can refine your search by adjusting filters on skills, experience and desired price to find the candidate that best suits your needs.
3. choose
Let'sNearshore lists the best fits for your search conditions and you can check the individual profiles one by one.
4. Skype interview
If you find the perfect candidate, you can send a message directly or get in touch on skype to see if you are in sync and to discuss the project.
5. Work on the project
If requirements are met, you need to use the CHOOSE button to finalize the process then we can start working together.
6. Done!
When the project is finished, and everything is delivered on time and at the highest quality, our expert’s work is done. That’s how you start your success stories at Let'sNearshore!

Get in touch with us

Client Customer Service: +36 20 314 0202
Professional Customer Service: +36 20 425 0777